Entrepreneurs like yourself deserve a bank that understands their busy schedules and the need for a little free time as well.  That's why we've introduced [M]Deposit - a tool for helping business owners make deposits when and where they need to.

Just think.  No need to drive to the bank or even to send an employee.  You'll save gallons of gas, not to mention become a bit more efficient yourself.  So tell your staff that you're headed to the bank.  Then use all that free time doing the things you do best...like managing your business.

[M]Deposit makes depositing checks fast, easy and secure.

Delivering your deposits to MBank through a secure electronic connection will:


  • Reduce costs associated with manual efforts
  • Provide the convenience of a later deposit cutoff time
  • Eliminate posting errors

Save time - eliminate the need to make regular trips to the bank to deposit checks.

Work at your convenience - deposit deadline for same day ledger credit extended to 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time, enabling you to process deposits after hours.

Reduce errors - deposits are validated and balanced when documents are scanned.

Consolidate redundant operations - streamline your deposit reconciliation process.

*Subject to credit approval.